France, Spain, Italy and Greece Trip Journal: 2007


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A mere 5 days after my last final exam at Waterloo, I was on a plane to Paris.

Of the entire 3 month trip, I spent about 3 weeks traveling with my buddy Andrew Lam from high school, a few days with my best buddy Matthew Lausch from childhood, and a few days with my parents. The rest of the trip I was traveling solo, but in the company of the many amazing fellow backpackers that I met along the way.

These 95 journal entries were all posted during my Europe trip. Some nights I spent several hours in internet cafes, pounding away on foreign keyboards, ferociously processing photos and videos from the day, and expressing my excitement and thoughts.

For all trips since Europe '07, I now take point-form notes and do all my journal posting after the trip is complete.

My favourite 3 cities of the trip were, without a doubt: Paris, Cinque Terre, and Santorini.

Andrew and I chased down actor Jeremy Piven at the Cannes Film Festival and managed to snag a photo with him. We're in full-backpacker mode, carrying our lunch, a baguette under-arm, and wearing huge travel backpacks.