iMenurkey Logo”Being in the film business, I’m sure you’ve heard stranger requests”, said Anthony Weintraub, proud father of Asher Weintraub, “Could you help my 9-year-old son Asher make a turkey-shaped Menorah app?” My bro Matthew Parrott and I were easily won over, and with that, iMenurkey was born.

Matthew and I teamed up several years ago to create iMenorah and iMenorah HD, a fun way to celebrate Chanukah on your iPhone and iPad. 2013 is one of the first years ever when Chanukah and American Thanksgiving collide, creating a mash-up holiday called Thanksgivukkah. There are recipes floating around the internet for sweet potato latkes, Maneshewitz-brined turkey, and other awesomeness.

Team Menurkey, lead by 9-year-old CEO Asher, had an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign selling plaster and ceramic turkey menorahs. In the spirit of mash-ups, combining the Menurkey and iMenorah… we’d like to introduce our app, iMenurkey! Check it out on the iTunes App Store and have a joyous “feastival of lights” :)

iMenurkey for iPad®, iPad mini®, iPhone® and iPod Touch®


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